The Messenger : A film by Oren Moverman is a film which has a lot of contradictions which are seen through this movie. These contradictions are seen through a character called Dylan. This character shows contradictory life styles by doing things which do not seem to match.

Those people who are not aware of documentaries about Dylan might be mesmerized when they watch this movie for the first time. Those who have some information might seem to like the way this character is taking part in different parts of the film. The aspects of trying and achieving have been emphasized in the movie.

There are about seven characters in this movie. These characters are living in different ways and are able to attend to their daily activities. One is a musician while the other is a pastor and also acts a saved Christian. This shows a wide range of diversity found in the society today.

The author does not make any efforts to explain to the audience how the different Dylans are connected. It is also not possible to say that these people are related because a close scrutiny reveals that these are six or seven different characters. The number will either be six or seven depending on where one places the boundaries. This brings in the aspect of contradictions of a certain character.

Different scenes of The Messenger : A film by Oren Moverman are accompanied by soothing music. These different types of music are mend to show different things that are taking place in a particular scene. When a person listens to these songs, they are able to easily understand what is taking place in the movie.

Watching the movie is really interesting but people learn different lessons depending on the point they focus on and the angle from which the things are viewed in this movie. This should be noted with great importance because different people interpret things differently.

Moverman had actually written the screenplays for the films like Jesus’ Son, I am Not There and Married Life. Messenger, Oren Moverman’s first movie as the director, and co-written with Camon Alessandro also starring Ben Foster, Samantha Morton and Woody Harrelson, premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2009 as well as won Silver Bear for the Best Screenplay reward and Peace Film award in 59th Berlin International Festival at 2009. Oren Moverman also collaborated with famous Harrelson again at his second directorial 2011 film Rampart that was also co-written with Ellroy James.

Oren Moverman was in negotiations with the Universal Studios to write as well as direct studio’s planned Cobain Kurt biopic, which was titled as This Is Gon na Suck. This was originally scripted by Benioff David, and based on biography of Heavier Than Heaven Charles  Cross. This film script was around for some time now, and Richard Gere had actually wanted to do this for some years. Now he has got Oren Moverman set not just to direct him, but also to rewrite original draft made by Jeffrey Caine (Constant Gardener). He made lots of good movies.