The starter of a vehicle is an electric motor powered by direct current, has a fairly small size and serves to help ignite the combustion engines, which nourish the vehicle once turned on. They are for two or four-stroke cars. We can affirm, without a doubt, that summer has arrived, and with it, the high temperatures characteristic of our country, especially in the south of the peninsula, however, these days, the heat has been seen throughout the national territory. Therefore, these are dates on which we must review and tune the air conditioners of the car.

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The starter motor consists mainly of two well-differentiated elements;

  • Motor, as the name suggests, which is an electric motor
  • Start relay: this carries out two functions, it acts as a normal relay, whose function is to connect and disconnect an electrical circuit. But it also performs the function of moving the starting pinion to its correct gear with the crown of the flywheel of the thermal engine, in this way it is possible to transmit the movement of the starting motor to the thermal engine.

Main functions of the alternator:

The main function of the alternator is to provide energy in the form of electric current to the whole of the electrical network of the vehicle that is stored in the battery. The alternator takes advantage of the power of the motor to generate and store said energy. Through the alternator belt it is possible to transmit this energy from the engine to the alternator and to the different elements of the vehicle that require energy.

Alternator faults, when changing it

Nowadays the volume of electric energy that the vehicles need is increasing due mainly to the high number of electrical components available, thanks to which they provide us with extra comfort, this makes the alternator subject to a greater effort so that its useful life is affected and reduced.

These different electrical components also allow us to detect the faults that occur in the alternator.

Symptoms of changing the alternator

  1. Alternator failure warning light: vehicles usually have a light warning that the alternator is failing.
  2. Errors of the electrical components: when the electric alternator starts to fail, the battery is not charged correctly, which means that the different electrical components start to fail, which usually tells us that the alternator does not work correctly.
  3. Strange noises: when the alternator belt begins to fail, due to wear or breakage, it is easy to recognize that the alternator is broken as this generates a very peculiar and very recognizable noise.
  4. Low battery: the battery is low when it has not yet finished its useful life is a very recognizable symptom that the alternator is failing and we must go to change it, a good and economic solution can be to go to 1954 nash metropolitan of confidence and buy a second-hand alternator .

We recommend that you pay a lot of attention to your alternator at this time, taking into account that all the electric elements of the car depend on it and in the dates in which we find ourselves we cannot risk that these begin to fail and annoy us a trip, or simply start to fault the air conditioner and we can suffer some accident because of the heat.