The Messenger : A film by Oren Moverman is a film which was written by Oren Moverman. This movie makes those people who watch it to ponder on what value they give to other people they see. It stresses on value rather than the general existence of human beings on the face of the earth. The government is also questioned whether the government has a responsibility of offering services or thanking those people whom they lead.

The movie also reminds us of humanity that should be maintained as we live on the face of the earth. There are aspects of one’s life falling apart. This is not treated with great importance but rather what remains important to the author of the film is how someone tries to recollect their life. This is seen through a character George who strives to unite with his daughter. It further delves into what it means to look at some aspects of life as an individual lives on the earth.

The visual approach placed in this movie reflects the distance that the general public puts between themselves and those who are disadvantaged. The author of the movie uses George to depict how it is not easy for those who are disadvantaged to speak and be heard. This is seen when his time for speaking comes but there is a lot of noise. This noise from phone-calls, conversing people, arguments and bars make it impossible for his voice to be heard.


This shows that the general public is too busy to listen to those who are disadvantaged. The audience to this movie might be tempted to think that the author is trying to show how the homeless are treated but this has been left open such that people can attach different interpretations to this occurrences. All those people who watch The Messenger : A film by Oren Moverman moved especially when a character seems to be living in a prison which is of great importance to them and made it very interesting to watch.

Oren Moverman, is a famous director behind the popular films Rampart and The Messenger, who was also nominated for the Oscar film award just after co-writing his popular film named Messenger, is now setting up for his next big film. Richard Gere might produce as well as star in the popular Time Out, this is a film about “the New Yorker who tries to enter the shelter when he does not find any housing choices, and after that struggles a lot to put all his life puzzle back together as well as fix the troubled relation with his daughter.” This sounds like it can be the prime Oscar-bait, also Richard Gere’s statement on the film does not alleviate any kind of concern that it can turn out in that way:  “This is the human story, which we are very much determined to make in the powerful movie that actually speaks to everybody.” But we are going to focus on the Moverman’s track record is great and he is very popular with one and all.