Does a Steam Mop Replace a Regular Mop?

Does a Steam Mop Replace a Regular Mop?

Modern technologies have already taken over the majority of the work human used to do a few decades back. When it comes to mopping, steam mop or regular mop; who wins?

Both have their pros and cons, one consumes electricity, others require physical effort. However, both will get the job done. It’s up to your preference which one you’re likely to choose.

Let’s get to know about both before concluding a conclusion on which one gets the upper hand.

Regular Mop

It’s a mainstream tool for any household that anyone can use. Absorbance ability of it is why it is still around. For regular mopping, all you need is a mop, a bucket, hot water, detergent and last but not the least, a decent amount of physical energy.

Some people still prefer this traditional way of mopping as it’s more satisfying to clean the floor with a mop and bucket.

Regular Mop

Regular mopping takes a lot of hard work. You need to engage both of your hands and apply enough pressure to remove all the dirt.

The downside of traditional mopping is it can be very time-consuming. It can take ages squeezing out the water if the water needs to be changed halfway. And then you have to wait for more for the floor to dry out.

Steam Mop

Steam mops get your job done quick and easy with minimum effort. It’s been around for quite a while now. They are designed in a certain way that takes out the hassle of mopping your floor.

It’s a non-stop process and very less time-consuming. Use of force isn’t required for Steam Mops; rather it works like a light vacuum cleaner. The temperature of steam reaches higher than boiling water that kills almost 100% of the germs and bacteria which ensures a safe environment for your household.

Steam Mop

As most of the steam mops models don’t require an added detergent, it’s very cost-efficient as well. It’s far quicker than regular mops as the cleaning process leaves out a very little amount of water, hence water dries out quickly.

Most of the steam mop models come with extras facility that will clean your bathroom, kitchen sinks, appliances, and even carpets. According to norberrytile, it’s recommended not to use Steam mops on damp floors which might affect their performance.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it’s ultimately your choice which one you prefer. If the sanitizing floor to ensure safety for your kids is your priority then consider a Steam Mop. It’s also less time consuming, easy to operate, takes minimum physical effort in comparison to Regular Mops. Steam Mop clearly gets the upper hand here.

Constance Ellis

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