If you are looking for a drug rehabilitation program and treatment for a friend or family member, approach local mental health clinics, community health centers, hospitals or your own doctor for medical advice for the type of treatment needed as soon as possible. Local health insurance companies can be of help in locating a good drug rehab center as well. The best of all is Austin recovery center. Respected experts in these places can not only be used with the provision of information, but they will also contribute advising you about a treatment within your budget and according to the patient’s need after examining your condition at Austin recovery center.

Welcome to Austin recovery center website, where we deal with relevant issues around the world of addictions and the ways available to overcome them. This time we want to provide useful and useful information to our readers about one of the services we provide in our rehabilitation center, with which we have achieved that thousands of people recover their faith in themselves and the desire to continue living with quality. What do we mean? To drug rehabilitation, also, at Austin recovery center will talk a little about the addictive substances and the dependence on them, so that the object of the rehabilitation is comprehensively understood.

Drug rehabilitation at Austin recovery center

In Austin recovery center we believe that all those affected by addictive substances deserve a new opportunity to reintegrate into society and participate actively in it without the need to engage in harmful habits such as addictions. For this reason, we want to contribute our help so that we Mexicans show ourselves to the world as a healthy people, free of the problems involved with the consumption of narcotics.

Addictions and drugs rehab at Austin recovery center

Very often, when people hear the term “drug” they immediately evoke images related to illegal and toxic substances, for example, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, etc., however, very few people have full knowledge of what is Real. With this word, it designates substances of diverse origins, whether natural (mineral, vegetable, animal) or synthetic, which have depressing, stimulating or narcotic effects. This is just a general, brief and introductory definition, but it has even greater nuances that must be clarified to generate greater understanding.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), in the field of pharmacology, a drug is defined as a drug with chemical properties that has the ability to alter the psychological, physiological and biochemical functions of the tissues of the body and the behavior of who consumes it. It is also understood as a substance or a mishmash, from which the organism does not initially depend (more, later, the continuous use generates tolerance and dependence), which, when consumed, modifies the functions of the body and the structure same of various tissues. Among the organs affected by the intake of drugs highlight the lungs, the cardiovascular system, the liver and especially the brain and nervous system. If you understand what has been said so far, you will also understand the seriousness of the matter and why it is not advisable to influence addictions.

It is mistakenly believed that drugs are all those illegal consumables. More, those who know the subject know that we are actually surrounded by many legal drugs: from antibiotics, coffee and soft drinks, to alcohol, tobacco, aspirin, among others. When a user repeatedly consumes any of these banned substances or put them on sale to the public, to the degree of generating tolerance and dependence in the body, a psychophysical state called “addiction” is produced. This is distinguished by different symptoms, which are established through a diagnosis. Below we will list some of the signs by means of which one can determine whether an individual has fallen victim to the addiction or not:

This is characterized by the need for increasing doses to cause intoxication with the drug, also by the reduction of the effects of a prolonged consumption.

  • Abstinence syndrome. It is the suppression or unpleasant effect that arises when the affected one tries to leave the addiction. Due to the fact that it is usually very difficult to bear, most of them repeat their consumption without being able to go through this indispensable stage for their recovery.
  • Consumption increasing and for longer periods than normal.
  • Compulsive desire and useless efforts to control or avoid the use of the drug.
  • Persistent consumption despite knowledge of its harmful consequences for the health and relationships of the affected.
  • Abandonment of social, personal, labor, school activities, etcetera.

How is drug rehabilitation carried out at Austin recovery center?

Since drug addiction is a disease originating from various causes, it requires a treatment based on multiple disciplines, in which a team of professionals trained to care for those who have fallen victim to drugs is integrated. Currently, drug rehabilitation is carried out with treatments that seek to influence the physiological and psychological levels, because in this way the problem is eradicated.

Some rehabilitation centers focus on attending to dependence, tolerance and withdrawal syndrome, that is, they move on a physiological level in their attempt to detoxify the body of those who show symptoms of addiction. There is no doubt that they are very helpful, however, it is not an integral method, because they omit the fact that recovered patients can fall again and easily into drug use. For this reason, it is essential that within the rehabilitation psychological treatments are provided that affect the behavioral and that in addition to detoxifying the body, have the purpose of inhabiting the recovered so that they do not relapse into drugs and remain abstinent.

In Austin recovery center, you can have full confidence that we will help you or one of your loved ones to recover their hope and desire to live. Come with us; let us help you in your attempt to overcome the addiction permanently. This is an important choice and doing things right from the beginning will improve your chances of success. Keeping this in mind, it is better not to make the decision on your own.