Fortnite is one of the biggest games being played among a class of persons in the world today. It is a game that has commanded fans like never before. It was developed by epicgame and has proven to be one of their best games developed. It had two major modes; save the world and Battle Royale. The modes are the major parts of the game that distinctly shows the functions of different spheres of the game. Fortnite has several characteristics that make it a trending and progressive game in the world of today. Fortnite is being played in different platforms like windows, Nintendo, PlayStation, macOS and several others. Each of these platforms has been carefully selected to play this game at the convenience of the players. It could be on mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. The reasons for these diverse platforms is so that people can play this game anywhere they are whether at home, work or even school. As far as it is available on Android and iOS then it is sure that people will play it as much as possible. But the most important thing here is that Battle Royale is the mode with so many players because it is more like a mobile game unlike save the world that is majorly for systems and personal computers.

Fortnite has a very basic game principle of killing zombies using guns and other weapons. In the game, the environment looks deserted because there was a shift in life from there. The shift was as a result of an invasion of the town by natural disasters. The natural disaster like storm and hurricane made the inhabitants of the town migrate forcefully while there was some loss of lives and properties as well. Even in the midst of these disasters, there seem to be some survivors that have proven strong and could withstand the hard conditions of the city. They survived by watching their backs and ensure no one is into them until later there was an invent of zombie-like hulks that constantly disturbed their peace and even killed some in the process. These creatures led the survivors to start thinking of how to keep themselves safe by fortifying themselves with weapons, walls, built up barricades and many other security measures. Little by little they began to kill the many hulks in the town but they seem not to finish and that is why the different modes were introduced. In the save the world mode, it majorly shows how the survivors have to fight with the zombies looking husks and save themselves and some other survivors that have been later noticed in the town while the case of Battle Royale is a bit different and advanced. In Battle Royale, it is more like a fight between survivors of about 100 of them because there seems to be limited availability of food and resources. They fight with each other until there is a survivor or a group of survivors because it could be divided into teams.

Advancements Of Fortnite in Recent Years

    • Fortnite android beta invitations open to non-Samsung devices. Fortnite has bypassed the play store popularly accepted by all Androids which has caused them some security challenges but they claim they are aware of every single pitfall. Non-Samsung device users could go to the epic site and download the original version but some permissions need to be granted from the device settings itself. There will surely be a notification pop up for this to be duly controlled. Fortnite is a game that requires deep specifications but phones like Huawei new models, OnePlus 6 a whole lot of others.
  • Fortnite is available on Samsung phones specifically the galaxy model. Well based on the history of fortnite, the first mode or version that was released had a full support of iOS and left the android users hanging. It is known that there are more android users than we can imagine in the world today and most of them are stack gamers. As Android users waited patiently for the release of the Android version there were rumors that it will be introduced first on Samsung phones and its App Store as well. The company CEO then later told the media that the Battle Royale was made to satisfy the hungry android game lovers. The Android version was launched in beta for Samsung galaxy phones but that was temporary because there was a complete version to launch later (I.e introducing it to the general App Store). Well, the Epic game company decided not to launch the app on the google play store because of some reasons and urged people to download from the official website. This made Fortnite readily available for most Samsung users without stress but the company promised to make it available for other android devices as well. Some other devices in view are google pixel, Nokia 8, Asus phones, razed phones, OnePlus 5 and 6 and several others.

It is quite obvious that fortnite is a generally loved game among young minds especially. And this is exactly the reason why the game has prospered in all ramifications whether financial, physical, graphical and otherwise. It is important that the masses are duly satisfied and that is why there is always a chance for feedback from players. Feedback and comments are exactly what builds the reputation of fortnite whether in PCs or mobile phones.

In conclusion, fortnite is a game with potentials and abilities. It keeps the mind of the player consistently thinking of how to survive. Apart from the fact that there is a level of violence in the game, it brings out the survival skill and motive in any player and keeps them conscious of the surrounding. Fortnite must be approached with a sense of reasoning and focus to get into the potentials embedded in the game. There will be advancements and change of levels as long as tasks and missions are completed promptly.