Pokemon GO is one of the most popular games so far, it was first introduced to the world on the 6th day of the month of July in the year two thousand and sixteen by John Hanke. The game was immediately met by great international recognition, approximately 5.6 million people played the game in 2016 and the game has been trending in United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and few other countries in the world. The game is played with the aid of GPS which makes it unique and it only works on Android and iPhones. The game is played in the location you are and the goal is to look for the hiding Pokemon. The game is good for making friends because you can connect with your friends in the game and you can share game coins and other things with friends and you can play the game in a group or play the gym together.

Playing the game

Before playing this game, gamers should read more about the game. Some of the important things to know are:

  1. Start: The pokemon GO will start in the location you are after opening the game. The GPS will automatically switch on so far you have accepted the terms that the game should be able to switch on the GPS. The first thing you will see is called giant gyrados, a novice player and you will be given the warning to be on alert all the time while playing the game. As a novice, you will only be able to find default Pokemons, the default Pokemons are the original ones that can be seen at the beginning of the game. The default Pokemons are one hundred in number, they come in different number and sizes and you can find the ghost Pokemons, fire Pokemons, earth Pokemons and so on. The more you play the game the newer and more powerful Pokemon’s will keep on appearing. You need to be familiar with the meaning of some words like:
  • Player icon: it is located at the left lower part of the screen. The player icon is used to view your personal information and the achievements you have made in the game. To check your personal achievement and information, you have to click the player icon.
  • Backpack: Another term that you should be familiar with in the game is the backpack; it is the bag that always stays on your back and it is where all the items that were picked up in the game will be stored.
  • Pokedex: This is the place where the types of Pokemon you have caught will be displayed so that you will be able to know what next to do and the next Pokemon to look out for.
  • Sightings screen: This is a space that is located at the right lower part of the screen, it is grey in color. The sightings screen is the place that you will be able to view the pokemons that are around so that you will know the next step to take while you are playing the game.
  1. Location of rare Pokemon: There are differences in the pokemons of the different geographical areas, as a result of this, different pokemons are difficult to find than each other. You may end up catching only one type of Pokemon as a novice but that should not make you lose hope because you need to move around to see pokemons of different species. The location depends on the type of Pokemon you will find there. An example is if you go to the pond or the lakeside, you will only be able to find water Pokemon there and if you want to catch the fairy Pokemon, you will have to wait till evening then you can find them. Many players of Pokemon do feel bad when they keep catching the same type of Pokemon; it is a normal thing as a novice because you know little rules on how to play the game. It is also advantageous to catch the same type of Pokemon because you will receive catch bonus when you catch a lot of a particular species of Pokemon.
  2. Pokestops: Pokes stops are important locations where you can find special items in the game, they are always located at art installations, historical places and so on. Pokestops are indicated with a long pole and a blue top on the maps.

Catching a Pokemon: Many beginners of Pokemon often find it difficult to catch a Pokemon, sometimes they will be able to find the Pokemon and will not be able to catch it. When you begin your journey, you will be given chance to create your avatar and after this, you will be shown three Pokemons and you will be asked to choose one out of the pokemons. After capturing one, the other two Pokemons will not be found again and after catching this first Pokemon, you can start catching other pokemons. To catch other pokemons, it is better to go to populated areas like a mall, stores or Pokemon stop, there you will find wild pokemons that belong to that location. After catching a Pokemon, it is possible for the Pokemon to leap out of the poke ball where pokemons are kept. There are some pokemons that cannot be caught easily and they need more powerful poke ball than the one that is given at the beginning of the game. You can use some tactics to attract pokemons to you if it is difficult to find one, the first method is using incense which will attract pokemons to your avatar for thirty minutes and you can catch them easily. You can also attract pokemons at the Pokemon stop by using what is called a lure module which will attract pokemons to the stop for thirty minutes. At that period of time, all the players of Pokemon that are available at that location can catch pokemons at the stop. You do not need to worry about catching the same type of Pokemon because different players can catch the same type of Pokemon and it will not affect the gameplay. Pokemon GO is one of the best mobile games that you will play without having any regrets.