In the past few years, very few games are able to achieve massive popularity and create a serious addiction in the gamers around the world. Clash of Clans is one of these games. The game not only has a huge set of fan following but also has more than millions of daily active users. Designed by the company Supercell, this massively played the online multiplayer game is free to play. The game is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The iOS version launched in 2012 while the Android version launched a year later in 2013.

Lesser-known tips about the Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a very addictive game that offers a great gameplay. The gamers have to create their own base and have to defend it from attacks while collecting resources and gems in order to progress in the game. However, in the free versions of the app, the process of gathering resources and gems consume a lot of time and gamers are not able to quickly advance to further levels. Here are some out of the box tips that might ease this process for you.

  • Base Building – Gamers may consider surfing through YouTube videos in search of tutorials that explain how to configure your base at each different level. The developers of the game launched several tutorial videos for a better understanding of the game. These tutorials contain relevant information about building walls and defending attacks. The gamers can take huge advantage of them to improve their game.
  • Attack – Having the best defense equipment for your base is essential for the game but planning an efficient attack is necessary for gathering more resources. Along with great tutorials for base building, Supercell also launched guides for improving the attack strategies. The guides simply explain the proper usage of troops and help in targeting areas that yield maximum damage. Irrespective of your level, an efficient attack can help you collect more resources, which helps in the progression of the game.
  • Clans – Being a part of a clan is a necessity of the game. Participating in a war while being a part of a clan, which consists of players of different levels, can help you improve your game. Clan members donate troops and resources to other members that come in handy to quickly progress in the game. Clan wars benefit gamers with significant bonuses that help gamers to advance to higher levels easily and quickly.
  • Single Player – Although it is great fun to play multiplayer war games, gamers cannot overlook the importance of a single player version of the game. The single player version contains fifty different levels that provide three stars after clearing each level. The gamers earn the first star after causing a damage of fifty percent. The next one comes by destroying the town hall and the last one by destroying the base. With the help of stars, one not only can unlock achievements but also gain resources for advancing in the game.
  • Clean up – However, it seems tedious to log in each day in order to clean the base, but is usually have many advantages. The cleaning up of junk might earn you free gems. This is why you need to clean up the base as frequently as possible.
  • Save for Builders – The most irritating task in the game is to upgrade a busy builder. The builders are costly in comparison to other troops hence; one must save enough gems to use on builders. Initially, you only get two builders, the third builder costs five hundred gems and the next one costs a heavy amount of a thousand gems. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to manage your gems for spending on builders.
  • Achievements – Unlocking more achievements yields gems. Some achievements unlock automatically with the progression of the game while some require completing goals. Therefore, achievements are the best source for gems.

Interesting Facts about the game

The game is extremely popular across the world. Since the creation of the game, many rumours surrounded it. This makes game enthusiasts dig deeper for knowledge about the game. Here are a few facts about the game.

  • The gaming company Supercell was the sole developer of the game. However, in order to make the game a massive hit, two other companies have a great role in it, which are The Hay Day app and the Boom beach app.
  • The game is one of the top grosser in the gaming world. No other new applications are able to gain such earning as the clash of clans did. In 2015, the game was earning more than a billion dollars a day.
  • The first player to reach the mark of four thousand trophies was Jorge. This made him extremely popular across the internet.
  • Tyrel is another top clash of clans gamer that stays online for sixteen hours a day in order to prevent his base from attacks.
  • Although the developer company possesses a wide range of employees initially, only a team of fifteen employees worked on the game. There were only five developers on the team.
  • The game released within the next six months of its announcement and since then, the company made many updates to the game.
  • The concept of the game was not an original idea of the developer company. The developers picked the idea from another popular pc game Age of Empires created by StarCraft, another gaming giant in the industry.

Clash of clans is a proper strategy game that requires great attention and dedication on the part of gamers to progress through the different stages of the game. Many gamers prefer to play the game with ideal tactics, while many prefer to make use of hacks and cheats to quickly advance through the game. Several websites on the internet offer cheat codes and hacks that can easily increase the number of resources and gems in your account. Moreover, these websites also provide gamers with tutorials that improve the game of their visitors. One such website is that offers information of great hacks and cheats for the game. The game is very popular among the gamers and its dominance will be very hard to beat.