When you have two quality brands like the Jura and Delonghi then you make a comparison between the two before you jump to a conclusion to purchase one for yourself. The machines that are being compared have a common feature that is they make a single cup of coffee.

The Jura Coffee Machines: Is it really easy to use automated machines when it comes to using them on a regular basis? Let us take a look into the ranges of the Jura Coffee machines.

The Jura A Range Coffee Machines: This is the newest range from Jura. This machine is best suited for both a small office environment and home. The A range from Jura features three buttons on their basic display – there is one button for each of the varied sizes of the coffee drinks. Using this machine for the first time might be a little bit of a confusion but once the users get a hang of it then it they can brew a cup of coffee for themselves without any kind of a hesitation.

The Jura E Range Coffee Machines: These are considered to be the informal replacements for the machines from the F range. They have a good display which is simple and easy to use. The integrated milk frothing system will let you have a latte with a simple touch of the button. If you want to get this in your office which is medium sized, then this is a dream come true in the case of the use and its speed.

The Jura F Range Coffee Machines: Some of the machines in this range will feature the TFT screens with the rotary dials. This type of a display feature makes the F range exceptional when it comes to using it since all the options you need are been displayed on the screen and this makes your process of selection faster and much more streamlined. If placed in a medium sized office environment then the staff can easily use it as per their convenience.

The Jura X Range Coffee Machines: It has a display which seems to be a bit tricky.it has a basic LCD screen display and in order to brew a cup of your coffee it will require the selection of the button to be done so that it can make you the type of coffee that you want. The drinks that are milk based are located to the opposite side of the machine, so in order for a person to get used to this range of the Jura machines you will need to train your staff well or else this is not considered to be a Jura friendly Range of machines.

DeLonghi Coffee Maker Machines

The Delonghi EC860 Espresso Maker: this model is affordable and stainless steel. People who live in a compact space would love such a coffee maker. It is not heavy weight thus moving it around to whichever place you want it can be done easily without any fuss. The size seems to be a ideal for office spaces that are cozy and small. It has a brew system which will let you to use the choice of ground espresso that you prefer or you can also use the ESE popular pods. There is an automatic cappuccino function that will provide you just the correct amount of foam that you require for your favorite drink. It also has a drip tray which makes it really convenient and easy to clean up and keep your counter from getting stained or damaged.

The Delonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine

This has a stylish design which is stainless steel and will offer you a pro grade coffee preparation. It has a larger water reservoir thus you do not have to keep refilling your machine throughout the day. The machine will allow the brewer to choose between 1 and 2 cup mode thus this is an ideal set up if there are many coffee drinkers using the machine. The bur grinder that is been built into the machine will let you to choose what level of grind you want so that you can make the exact type of coffee that will suit your taste and preferences.

What are the few things you need to consider before you go shopping for a coffee maker machine? Well choosing between Jura vs Delonghi might seem like a confusion to you, so make sure you ask yourself these questions and then go ahead and choose which ever machine is according to your convenience and needs.

What is my budget?

Apart from the features of the machines, you need to mainly consider the price of the machine and before that you need to set a budget so that you do not end up over spending on it. Do not buy an expensive machine if you won’t use it on a regular basis.

What size of the machine will be best suited for my home?

Well like the various price tags on the coffee machines out there in the market there are also various sizes in which the coffee machines are available. Make sure you do not end up choosing or buying a coffee maker that wouldn’t fit into your kitchen space.

Which color and style is appropriate for you?

Depending on the machine that you select you will also have to keep in mind your décor. Getting yourself a big machine for your small kitchen wouldn’t be a right decision, consider the color before you purchase one of the coffee makers and see how well it will blend with your kitchen and its décor.

What maintenance will be required?

Most of the machines have a self- cleaning program so you don’t really have to stress but in case you choose a machine which does not have this feature, make sure you know how you need to maintain your machine in order to have a good quality of your drink and also for its prolonged life.