Compressed air simply means that the air is kept and stored at a pressure greater than the normal air. It is important industrially because pressurized air can be put to great use. Many of the industrial processes, one way or the other, are using compressed air for the execution of their production plans.

The use of compressed air in industries : The industrial use of pressurized air goes way back to the nineteenth century when this technique was discovered and put to good use for mankind. Compressed air is more efficient than the normal steamed air because it has more energy storage. It can be traveled long distance without losing the pressure and efficacy of the energy, and thus can be utilized for a great many purposes.

Breathing gas cylinders : One of the most common uses of pressurized or compressed air is its use in gas cylinders. Ace Gas cylinders are used widely for breathing where the normal condition of the air is not feasible enough or when the air itself is not pure enough for breathing. The most common example of which is the use of oxygen cylinders for the patients in the hospitals. Intensive care Unit patients and other critically serious patients are dependent on the pressurized gas cylinders.

Ace gas cylinders are also used for recreational activities like the deep-sea diving or mountain climbing. You cannot breathe underwater so the deep-sea divers rely on oxygen tanks. Similarly, the mountain climbers and hikers are also using compressed air tanks.

Right from the start of the day : You wake up and you see the sun. The first thing that you’ll want now is your warm cup of tea. Boil out some water and take out your tea bag. There you are, tea bags! The ace group supplies the pressurized air to the industries so the tea bags are manufactured and packed using compressed air. Now you see, you won’t be able to enjoy your cup of tea without using compressed air.

Pressurized aerosol containers : One of the most common ways of using compressed air is the use of aerosol containers. These are the normal pressurized air containers and cans that you frequently use in your everyday life. The body sprays which leave you with a beautiful scent, work from the compressed air containers. Similarly, shaving foam is also packed in cans by the use of compressed air. These industries are also using compressed air supplied by the Ace group.

Recycling plants : Ace group Compressed air has also used in the recycling industry. In many of the industry level recycling plants, what happens is that the trash is put on conveyor belts and scanned through highly sensitive scanners who detect the material of all the things. A high-pressure jet of air then sorts out the things based on their material, like glass, paper, wood, iron etc. after separating them the substances are sent to their respective compartments for further processing and recycling.

In the older times, before this technology came into existence, the recyclable products were separated by the use of the hand. This not only wasted time and was less efficient but also was less sensitive and there was a high chance of the materials mixing up with each other leading to problems for the recycling plants.

Eat away your cakes : The ace group has supplied pressurized gas to industrial bakeries as well. They are using compressed air to put the icing on their cakes. The cooled cakes travel down a conveyor, and then various icing pipes make beautiful and colorful patterns of air on the cake. The process is quick and fast and of high precision as compared to the manual bakeries where the baker himself puts the icing on the cake to decorate it.

Have your drinks : No party is ever complete without drinks, and no drinks can be made without the use of pressurized gases. So, the next time you’re at a party sipping your beer or your soft drink like Coke or Pepsi, know that the drinks are bottled up using compressed air. And Ace group makes sure that you never leave a party without a drink.

Ace group – connected to us since long : You must remember as a child, there used to be a TV game show that we all used to love. The people at the game show used two small cannons, which fired fluffy cotton balls on the audience, it used to be my favorite part about the show, watching them all go mad and giggling and enjoying. As I grew older, I came to know that those cannons also used compressed air to throw those fluff balls. Thanks, Ace group, for coloring my childhood!

Speaking of childhood, who doesn’t love a good ride at a local theme park? The roller coasters used to be my personal favorite. They still are. Turns out, the roller coasters are also somehow using compressed air to run. The brakes are also powered by the compressed air. The hissing sound the roller coasters make, when they are abruptly stopped? Yep, that’s because of compressed air.

You know that store where they let you make your own teddy bears? Always been everyone’s fantasy to create a teddy bear by yourself and then love him as your own. Well, they use Ace group compressed air to help people stuff their own teddy bears and it seems like magic.

So, you see, Ace group compressed air has been empowering our lives since long. The compressed air that they supply is loved and trusted by the industries and is widely used all around.