A web host is necessary if you want to start a new website or blog. It is the service provider who will host your site’s data on their server. You can select the server type you want, including shared, dedicated, VPS, WordPress hosting and others. Each hosting plan will give you unique features, and it will be uniquely priced. This is what you would realize if bump into this review. It is a review about a very popular web hosting company—One.com. Among the top UK web hosts, One.com offers exceptional uptime guarantee, top class customer care service and versatile plans. If you are just beginning to blog or sell a product or service online, we would highly recommend One.com. The host is reputable and dependable even if you run a large and complex website.


As soon as you join One.com, you will realize that it is a hosting service you can grow with. The reason for this is that the host gives you four major hosting plans. The cheapest one, Starter, is extremely cheap to renew after your trial period. It will cost you only $1.89 to renew it and up to 15GB of storage space is guaranteed. What’s more, you will be able to get one domain name, one database, and 512MB of RAM. The most expensive is the Business hosting plan that costs $11.99. This one is designed for those of you who have large and sophisticated websites.

You will get up to 200 gigabytes of storage space and two gigabytes of RAM among other things. There are two more hosting plans, Professional and Professional Plus, in between. They are designed for those with more hosting needs than someone who can comfortably pick the Starter plan. Besides the plans, you should be ready to use a number of free features: a website builder, unlimited email accounts, spam and virus protection, unlimited domain names, unlimited databases and so on. If you cannot afford a dedicated or VPS hosting service, One.com owns one type of shared hosting service.

It is cheaper, obviously, because you will use a shared server. One.com offers some special features that are only offered by its competition for extra money. For instance, you can add a custom HTML or JavaScript code without paying any money. Finally, there is no other reputable hosting company that is as affordable and reliable as One.com. Once you bump into this review, you will know more reasons why this host is better than several others.

One.com Offers advanced features

One safety feature that you will get from One.com host is a free SSL certificate. This certificate is signed by the well-known Comodo. Hence, you can turn on https on your website. If you want to create more accounts for other users you might want to give access, simply use Guest Users. These people will not only access the site’s configuration settings. They will also be able to carry out administration duties like activating Bix, editing and updating blog content and emailing and so on. As well, you will have access to FTP, SSH (enables one to upload files to the web) and MySQL configuration area. There are features we also love because they enable us to analyze our website traffic and disk use. Domain management tools are within the okay range, though.

Customer service

In case you bump into this review, you will notice that the writer was happy with the host’s customer care service. Anytime you face a problem with your hosting plan, just click the company’s 24/7 Live Chat. There will always be a representative who will respond to you quickly. If you don’t think that your matter is extremely urgent or serious, move to the FAQ guide shown on the site. If there is data you cannot find on the FAQ section, type on the Live Chat. You will hardly wait for two minutes, as there is always a helper nearby.