Birthday is for our family and friends to have fun with us and enjoy the time. What better plan than to organize a big party at the pool? It is a delight for all the guests, especially the children, and is perfect for cooling off, sunbathing and having fun. It is not enough just with the pool, you have to encourage it: games, mats, music, innovative cocktails, fun snacks, and some surprises. If you want to know everything you need to organize a pool party, look at the tips I give you. Keep in mind that stoneFoot is one of the best stores for birthday gifts and you can find lots of it here.  Make sure, that you make use of a good store and that will help you a great deal. Many good stores are there and they will give you good value for money. Some of the good stores also give you completely risk-free returns and that can get a smile on your face.

Keep in mind to take a good store, which can help you in every way to make things easier and once that is done, things will become much easier. Not many people are aware of these good stores, where you can get everything that you need for a birthday gift and once you get that then things will be very simple. Keep in mind, that if you plan well, then there is no stress and that is something very important. There are so many people who are very confused and they do not know which the best option is. Keep in mind that you need to give a person some very good personalized gifts to make the process much easier. You want to make the experience of the birthday for an individual great so that person can have a very good time and enjoy.

Fill the pool with many floats

Neither the bikini nor the hat nor the sunglasses. The accessory to triumph in pool parties (and thus photos) is a giant float. In the store, there are a thousand options: unicorns, flamingos, pizzas, swans, donuts, hearts split in half…

Tasty snacks

People with rich food around are happier. We do not know if it is supported by any study but eating is a pleasure, and around the pool, double pleasure. Fresh fruit, ice cream, snacks, sweets, chips … and also something more elaborate that will delight your guests. A good option is the vegetarian makis. Nori seaweed leaves, boiled rice and any vegetable that you like: avocado, carrot, beet, cucumber … Roll them up and that’s it!. And for dessert? To cool off in summer there is nothing better than serving a good assortment of the fruits of the season. Prepare some delicious fruit skewers and also serve other cold foods such as ice cream or gelatin so there is more variety. Keep in mind that stoneFoot is one of the best stores and that will give us lots of options.


Also, to keep the guests well hydrated. Prepare a few jugs of lemonade for thirst and other drinks such as fruit juices, smoothies or refreshing cocktails. Make sure, in addition, that the guests have fresh water at all times. You cannot have a party without a drink and that is something very important. You need to have lots of variety and have a good time making use of this. That will add lots of fun to the party and give you a very good time.

Live music

Who does not have a cousin or a partner who plays in a group? If you do not have enough budgets to hire a band, ask them to play some songs. Surely they are encouraged.

Games and fun

Organizing games and activities inside the pool is a great way to make the event a very enjoyable and fun experience. The wars with balloons or water pistols are ideal to entertain and have a good time of laughter. One can also have a pool to play volleyball and have a great time with friends and family, there is nothing better then that. So what are you waiting for? Just go in for a unique party and we can have a good time.

If you have a large pool, the best idea you can have to surprise the little ones is to place inflatable’s in the water, they will have a great time.

A Dj to finish the party

Make music an element of conversation between people. A DJ who accepts requests and plays good music will help your guests to close the night in style.

But … How can you find good music DJ and if you do know from where to get them. If you do not know a DJ, you should ask some of your friends. Everyone must play the favorite song and artist and let the party move. If a DJ is in fashion and is known, he will request a lot of money.

And how about a dance floor? Also, in this case, there are several variants. The place of the dance floor depends on the structure of the place. If the place is already fixed and the sound equipment is already installed, a DJ should measure the volume to obtain the optimum sound. The important thing is not to disturb the people who live around. Because this can also lead to a faster party end. After all, the guests come to enjoy good music, to meet nice people and to have fun dancing to go to sleep with a smile on their faces. Organizing a DJ party is not easy and you should let a professional take care of it. The stoneFoot is one of the best stores and once you visit it you will surely find something that goes as per your needs, what else can you ask for? So what are you waiting for? Just go and get a good time in a good birthday party.