The word Cannabinoids is directly related to Cannabis or the scientific name of what we know as marijuana. It is simply a chemical compound that is highly present within plants and is also found in us as animals. In marijuana, cannabinoids are represented by Cannabidiol or CBD.

Cannabinoids are essential for the development of many fundamental biological processes in the body. We, as animals, also need this substance, but we use it very differently from plants. Cannabinoids are found within marijuana as part of their protection system against infections that may impair their functioning. In us, this is one of the most important agents so basic physiological procedures such as muscle growth can occur without problems.

Basically this substance works as a neurotransmitter and it does so in most parts of the body. This means that the endogenous cannabinoid system of the organism is no more than a facilitator of intercellular communication. This is precisely what allows CBD oil to act on a large number of diseases.

CBD supplements within the body

If the body is naturally capable of producing this substance, then what is the point of consuming a greater amount for healing purposes? The answer is simple to deduce and is that these drugs (like these oils with marijuana extract) are able to supply a greater amount of the substance when there is deficit of it. That is why it is very useful in the management of a large number of diseases.

The chemical compounds dissolved in CBD oil act as neurotransmitters in basic processes such as the regulation of pain and other physiological processes that are in charge of the Endocannabinoid system. By reducing the natural stress in which the cell is located, it is not surprising that after a short time of consuming it, the cells can carry out their processes under less pressure.

What benefits can the use of this oil as a medicinal product generate?

The medicine has taken very seriously the development of studies based on Cannabidiol or CBD for finding great therapeutic properties in it. Of course, this is not the only substance with marked presence in marijuana, but within the 104 chemical compounds that have been identified so far are also some generators of psychotropic effects, the real responsible for all the bioethical and social conflict related to the use of this plant.

However, what has worked so far has allowed originating high quality products that have proven their efficiency in many people. The CBD oil is nothing more than a natural product that continues to surprise day after day with its many benefits. Unlike other products inherent in natural medicine, this substance shows its effects quickly, and this only means that more people want to try them.

Talking about all the diseases that could be treated with this substance is to enter a long list that increasingly gives more and more to talk about. The best thing about the use of CBD oil is that every day greater beneficial effects are discovered for the organism. CBD is simply a substance very close to the body, which is easily coupled to natural cannabinoid receptors and makes it act as efficiently as endogenous cannabinoids would.

The most important diseases

  • Pain: the most widespread use of medical marijuana over thousands and thousands of years (even before Christ) has been the treatment of pain. Its properties as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory are much more powerful than that of the average medicines used. Quite simply, this substance is able to inhibit the sending of warning signals (causing pain) thanks to its properties as neurotransmitters. Its potential is such that it is even advisable to use it as a complement to surgical interventions.
  • Depression and anxiety: the Endocannabinoid system is not only responsible for regulating intercellular relationships in physiological processes of pain. It also acts as a regulator of other essential functions such as hunger, sleep, and even organism relaxation. When the body is immersed in a depression situation, these substances are able to modify this effect completely, regulating the levels of the regulating substances of this mood, which generally have descended.
  • Epilepsy: scientists have focused their interests and efforts on understanding the applications of this substance in the treatment of epilepsy. This extract of marijuana shows inhibitory abilities that regulate the appearance of attacks and provide greater tranquility and stability for the individual.
  • Acne: the CBD oil also has topical applications and can be applied directly on one or another affected area. Acne generates inflammatory processes that can be controlled by this substance. To make matters worse, the CBD intervenes in the excessive production of sebum in the skin, and this is nothing more or nothing less than one of the main factors causing the presence of acne on the skin.
  • Heart damage: although the applications of marijuana for the most part seem to be aimed at the nervous system, it is not exclusively so. The pumping system performed by the heart is regulated by nerve impulses that generate an entire electrical system within the heart muscle. Many diseases or symptoms related to heart failure are completely or partially generated by some failure in this electrical circuit formed by the nervous system. If neurotransmissions are improved between your cells (neurons) then it is possible to prevent muscle damage and improve its functioning.

These are some samples of the high range that these products can have and why they need to be available to a greater number of people. Cannabis has a very significant medical application and that is something that cannot be ignored.

It is worth noting that not all medicines and substances that use cannabinoids are obtained from marijuana. In some places, due to the general prohibition of marijuana (without considering scientific research and medical applications) synthetic cannabinoids have been obtained that are part of various medications. The problem is that obtaining in this way is extremely exhausting and expensive, which makes it little accessible among the population.